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Option 1 – CEIS – Community Emotional Intelligence Series / Behavioural Modification

The definition for community in this context can be described as follows; ‘a number of people working together and/or staying in the same area’

The underpinning aim throughout all the material used in this course is to assist participants to help themselves to develop more Emotional Intelligence and thereby greater Self-efficacy.  Emotional Intelligence affects work performance, physical health, mental health and all relationships.  The higher one’s emotional intelligence the easier it is to recognize and manage one’s emotions, reduce stress, deal with challenges and resolve conflicts positively.

Option 2 – Disaster Management and Recovery Plan

In recent years the following terms have been widely accepted; ‘Disaster Management’ referring to the post-disaster management of emergencies while ‘Disaster Risk Management’ describes the pro-active processes of risk assessment and risk reduction.  Another term, ‘Disaster Recovery Management’ referring to longer-term disaster recovery, is gradually being added to these descriptions as recovery secures belated recognition amongst policy makers and funding institutions.  For more detail click here…