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We have been implementing different types of Safety, Health, Environment, Risk & Quality (SHERQ) based systems for companies since 1995, as well as managing the changes to the various ISO requirements – this includes the latest changes to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, released in September 2015.

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Basic Package

Pay as you go! We understand that not everyone need, or has money to spend on an elaborate SHERQ system. However, everyone should be compliant with the laws of the land, so we are offering you the minimum you need to be compliance in SA. Even at this minimum compliance level you have a choice namely …
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Professional Package

Cost versus Safety – what is your priority? SHERQ Compliance Services will assist in managing your company’s procedures in this regard in order to conform to the Occupational Health & Safety Act of S.A. and the National Environmental Management Act of S.A. With ‘road to SHEQ’ you have a choice of two packages...
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Corporate Package

Being average v.s. Being the Best! Have you ever thought: “We are good but have to do something to stand out, to be seen as being better than our opposition, to be the best…” we have the solution! We will manage your company’s current Safety, Health, Environmental, Quality and Risk program, procedures and work instructions, align it with International standards such as...
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Special Transport Package

We have a number of transport packages such as SQAS for Road Transport, RTSms, TAPA. The SQAS system is ideal if you do not want the ISO systems. The RTSms is ideal if you are totally motivated to make a different in your company’s accident statistics and TAPA is ideal if you are moving very high valued products. For more detail click here
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Blue Chip Package

Going for gold! You have a good system and good processes with dedicated employees! We can add value by assisting you to improve what you have through modifying the behaviour of your workforce. We audit your existing systems and align them if/where required. We do many Planned Job Observations as well as many Moment In Time observations and we will highlight the difference behaviour, have discussions with the workforce and discuss possible solutions with all parties concerned.
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You are spoilt for choice! We can audit your compliance with your own policies, procedures & instructions; and/or we can audit your suppliers against your criteria; and /or we can do a social responsibility audit against criteria of your choice; and/or we can do an audit against an ISO Management System such as ISO 9001; ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001; and/or we can include a legal compliance standards with a team of lawyers specializing in your required field
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