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Local Legislation- South Africa

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Local legislation (South Africa)

As promised, we are looking at some of the legislation and codes mentioned before.

Civil aviation Act of 2009 consists of 16 chapters, regulations and notices ranging from definitions, to chapter 7’s monitoring and enforcement of regulatory compliance by civil aviation authority, procedures, functions and duties, powers, chapter 15’s technical standards.

The Merchant shipping act of 1951 covers the recording, registering and licensing of ships, certificates of competency, engagement, discharge and repatriation, safety of ships and life at sea; construction of ships, load lines, safety navigation and collisions at sea.  It also contains special shipping enquiries, wrecks and salvage of which all have been repealed, offences and penal provisions.

National Railway Safety Regulator Act of 2002 covers safety permits, safety management, entry, inspection, reporting and investigations, monitoring, assessment and information as well as appeals.

Road traffic Act of 1996 is of particular importance as it is all inclusive, starting with registration and licensing of vehicles, moving on to the fitness of drivers, vehicles and operators.  Chapter 8 focus exclusively on the rand transportation of dangerous goods, 9 on road traffic signs, 10 on accidents and reporting, while  Chapter 11 on reckless or negligent driving, 12 on presumptions and legal procedures with many additional regulations.

The National land transport Transition act of 2000 provides institutional arrangements for planning, municipalities, funding, transport planning, contracting for public transport services and so forth.  For more detail watch this space or contact as at

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