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Vehicle Import Compatibility for vehicles purchased in the United States; in general vehicles comply with the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety, bumper and theft prevention standard in effect on the date of manufacture, a label of compliance must be affixed to the vehicle and a letter from the original manufacturer and the final stage manufacturer (if applicable) must contain the same information.  Of special interest is the active and U.S. Passive restraint systems, confirmation of no outstanding recalls, an electronic immobilization system, specific warnings regarding to trailer manufactured after 2007, home built trailers and vehicle older than 15 years.

S.A’s importation of private motor vehicles; Immigrants and returning residents clearly specify that all vehicles being imported into SA require an original Letter of Authority from the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) prior to the importation of the vehicle.  It also limits the validity of the paper work to 20months from the date of clearance to importation.  It obviously require details such as engine number, vehicle identification number (VIN) or chasses number, but also vehicles obtained through donations and inheritance.  For more detail watch this space or contact us at

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