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If you are interested in the transportation of dangerous goods by road, rail, sea and air you might find the following South Africa legislation and SANS codes interesting;images (3)

-           Administrative adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act

-          Civil aviation Act

-          Cross-border road transport act

-          Merchant shipping (civil liability convention act)

-          Merchant shipping (international oil pollution compensation fund) administrative and contributions act

-          Merchant shipping (safe container convention) act

-          Merchant shipping act

-          National land transport act

-          National railway safety regulator act

-          National road traffic act

-          Road accident fund

-          Road traffic management corporation act

-          RTA section 8 on Dangerous Goods

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-          SANS 1518 – transportation of dangerous goods – design requirements for road tankers

-          SANS 10228 – the identification and classification of dangerous goods for transport

-          SANS 10405 – transportation of dangerous goods – emergency information systems for rail transportation

-          SANS 10233 – transportation of dangerous goods – intermediate bulk containers

-          SANS10013-1 on the determination of performance of internal combustion engines, road vehicle at sea level and

-          SANS 10013-2 the same for compression ignition engines at altitude

-          SANS10019 on the transportable metal containers for compressed gas, basic design, manufacture, use and maintenance

-          SANS 10047 – testing of motor vehicles for roadworthiness

-          SANS 10087-4 the handling, storage, and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas in domestic, commercial, and industrial installations Part 4; Transportation of LPG in bulk by road

-          SANS 10229 – packaging of dangerous goods for road and rail transportation on SA

-          SANS 10230 /1/2 series – transportation of dangerous goods – inspection, operational requirements and emergency information systems for road vehicles

-          And others

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