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This is a technical requirement for load security, especially crossing borders through Europe with a single TIR Carnet with no extra payments and examination of goods en route. TIR contains specifics as how to  insert the bolts from outside, the nut on the inside welded to the bolt locking mechanism, hinges and high-pins secure, door closing systems, double stitching for curtain side trailer canvas, metal thongs and rigs, TIR wire fastenings,  positioning of such seals in relation to the pivoting plate, the locking of curtain side tensioning bars.  When TIR wire seals are used care must be taken when it comes to its positioning in relation to quick release couplings.  When it comes to containers care must be taken when sealing pivoting sections mounted with an Allen bolt as the actual bolt can be removed with the seal still intact.  Liquid tankers are just as vulnerable because the hinges of the dome covers can be opened without the seals being damaged.  For more detail watch this space or contact as at

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