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deals with the design of railway bogies in compliance with EN13749 especially the static and fatigue resistance of the bogie frames.  However, the methodology for evaluating the fatigue strength by means of calculations seems open to interpretation.  Responsibility issues can also be raised such as technical specification being the customer’s responsibility and the acceptance program being the supplier’s responsibility.  Validation of structural analysis of the bogie frame’s FEM Calculation, both static and fatigue calculations should  be through the determination of the forces that occur in the interface of the structure, combined with forces present under operating conditions and stress values should be compared to acceptable stress limits etc.  Bogie frame calculations should take into consideration the double sprung masses, including payload, track irregularities, lateral accelerations caused by curves in the rail road, longitudinal accelerations caused by traction and braking, as well as exceptional pay-loads, buffer impacts and minor derailments. For more detail watch this space or contact us at

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