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We turn SHERQ problems into possibilities!

Option 1 – Safety and Quality Assessment System for Road Transport (SQAS)

I have always referred to this as the ‘basket’ that will hold any road transport management system. It is ideal for the smaller transporter who would like to have a Transport Management System of some sort but finds ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety absolutely daunting and the normal ISO 9001 Quality Management System not really what is required and keep looking for a little more precise guidance. It consists out of 7 pillars and you could also go for certification.

Option 2 – ISO 39001 – Road Traffic Safety Management System

You definitely have a family member, a friend or an acquaintance, if not yourself, whom have been involved in a road traffic crash!  We are referring to ‘crash’ and not an ‘accident’ because an accident seems to be just that, unavoidable, where a road traffic crash seems to have, at least most of the time, a preventable root cause such as incorrect speed for the specific road / weather conditions, driver fatigue, being under the influence of drugs/alcohol and un-roadworthy vehicles to name but a few.

Option 3 – T.A.P.A TSR 2020 – Trucking Security Requirements

You have a load worth millions of $/R/€/£/¥ per ton and you need it to be moved from point A to point B, leaving your security network go to  We can either assist with implementation or certification.

Option 4 – T.A.P.A FSR 2020 – Facility Security Requirements

You have located a transporter who will move your extremely valuable goods (millions of $/R/€/£/¥ per ton) from point A to point B but now on arrival at point B it has to be stored and you need warehouse facilities that will give you that security go to  We can either assist with implementation or certification.